Welcome to Training to Reign Ministries

Dr. Mattie Price

When I founded Training to Reign Ministries several years ago in my home, I knew it was not to be your typical church. One thing was it could have no members, per my instruction from the Lord. I knew I would be launching other ministers and ministries from Training to Reign and I was never to keep a tight hold on those the Lord sent my way as if they were mine to keep.

Ministries are often aborted or otherwise never reach their full potential because they lacked the proper training, lacked support, or had no safe harbor to go to in times of refueling. When we understand our purpose and the timing of that purpose we can more fully engage in what God is doing and saying concerning our lives. As we allow him to develop us and our ministries, we can more readily reach our full potential.

Through the years we have helped launch several ministries and ministers, and in the last few months it became clear to me what the Lord had in mind. I was introduced to a short video clip by Stephen Johnson of Valdosta, Georgia who described his ministry as that of an Aircraft Carrier. When I watched that video, I was floored! I finally had a way to describe what we do at Training to Reign! We’re an aircraft carrier!

In keeping with that concept we are continuing to launch ministries and ministers and provide a safe place for them to land when they come in for refueling. Perhaps you need a place to land. If so, let’s chat!

We want to see the Kingdom of God expanded in the earth, not our own kingdoms. If that is your heartbeat, join hands with us! Let’s do it together!

– Dr. Mattie Price


School of the Prophets

Instructor: Dr. Ron Horner

Taught by Dr. Ron Horner on the 1st and 3rd Friday nights of each month at 7PM, this gathering focuses on the prophetic ministry and the seer anointing. Not just for prophets, but for all those who desire a deeper walk and want to learn to access the realms of Heaven.

Life Christian University

Director: Dr. Mattie Price

Training to Reign has hosted the Albemarle Campus of Life Christian University diligently producing graduates each year who are better prepared for the ministry of the Gospel. LCU offers diploma, associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. LCU meets each Tuesday evening during the academic year. Learn more about Life Christian University today! Learn More


Night Court

Director: Dr. Ron Horner

Each Thursday at 7:00 PM Dr. Ron Horner teaches on the Courts of Heaven prayer model, then leads us in activations and exercises putting in to practice what has been taught. The results are outstanding! Join us each Thursday from 7-8:30 PM.

For God So Loved the World Ministry

Director: Tanya Steele Smith

For God So Loved the World Ministry is a ministry where we are on a mandate from our Savior Christ Jesus.
We are mandated to go out into the whole world to show God’s love by evangelism, equipping people for life by teaching them the Word of God to show there is HOPE in any HOPELESS situation. We offer resources such as job search, resume writing, clothes to dress for success, we run errands for seniors , and assist with bag lunches in emergencies. We also have a nursing home, and prison ministry.
Any questions about the ministry we may be contacted at: 704-305-5865



Kingdom Warriors

Director: Jimmy Lee

A global prayer meeting! Intercession via Skype on issues pertinent to today as well as prayer requests from around the globe.
Every evening except Sunday (6-9 Eastern)
Skype: jimmythewarrior7