Ministries, churches (including simple churches), and Kingdom businesses may become a member of LFMM. It is an autonomous fellowship and no legal control is exercised over your ministry. This fellowship exists to facilitate the advancement of the Kingdom of God upon the earth. If you have a church, school of ministry, or para-church organization, or a Kingdom business, (or would like to) and want to be connected to those who can support and add to your life, we may be able to help. We can provide assistance in setting up your organization, and point you in the right direction for obtaining 501(c3) status with the Internal Revenue Service should you so desire it.

Church/Ministry Affiliation with LFMM is based upon the mutual desire to develop relationships in an apostolic network of churches/ministries for the purpose of New Testament ministry including: fellowship, ministry equipping, church planting, and evangelism and missions outreach. LFMM provides covering, counsel, and spiritual accountability, but is not connected legally or involved in the governing of local churches/ministries, other than to be available upon request to set a church/ministry in order, and speak into it according New Testament five-fold ministry and relational structure. We recognize the autonomy of the ministries, churches, and organizations that choose to affiliate with LFMM for purposes of education, edification, and encouragement.

Many newer ministries are in need of structuring or assistance in restructuring. With over thirty years of experience in setting up non-profits and churches we have a great deal of experience from which to draw. If you have not yet established your ministry but want to, we may be able to help. We can help you with the process of incorporation, by-laws, 501(c) 3 recognition and more.

Should you need help with setting up the books for your organization, administrative help, marketing, or perhaps you need a website. We can help. Contact us for further information.

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