Core Requirements

Core Curriculum

Governmental entities want to ensure to the populace that those persons engaging in ministry vocations exhibit a degree of competence in their work. They typically frown upon organizations that grant credentials with no educational requirements, therefore LifeSpring Fellowship of Ministries and Ministers has opted to require a Core Curriculum for licensed and ordained ministers to complete in order to maintain credentials.

With our close relationship with Covenant Theological Seminary, we are able to offer these courses at a discount to members of LFMM. These courses can also be taken online or through distance learning, so proximity to the CTS campus is not an issue.


If a minister or candidate has already completed these courses or has completed a comparative course of study, then such coursework may be considered in lieu of completing the Core Curriculum. Additionally, if a candidate already possesses a degree from an approved institution, the Core Courses may be waived. Such waivers will be reviewed by the Credentials Committee of LFMM or their designated representative(s).

Provisional Credentials

In the event a candidate has not completed all the Core Curriculum courses, or has not received waivers for all of them, any non-waivered or uncompleted courses must be completed within eighteen months after licensing or ordination. Such licensing or ordination is offered on a provisional basis and may be withdrawn upon failure to complete the Core Curriculum.

The Core Courses

  • Seven Mountain Strategy I (MN 5603)
  • Communion with God (SG 5123)
  • Bait of Satan (SG 5273)
  • Your River Must Flow I (SG 5203)
  • Dynamic Preaching (MN 5743)

See the CTS website for descriptions of these courses.


Continuing Education

It is the firm conviction that leaders must be learners. In order to encourage this philosophy of ministry, LFMM members must complete one (1) course from the annual Continuing Education Core as part of the requirements to maintain credentials. If a LFMM member is currently a student of CTS or an approved Bible college or seminary, this requirement will be waived for the current year. The Continuing Education requirement is specifically geared toward those who have completed their regular studies and are involved in their ministry. It is simply a manner of continuing to “sharpen the iron”.
We try to coordinate with CTS so as to utilize any seminars or special offerings they might develop in regard to coursework that would be of benefit to LFMM members. Also, read about the discount to members from CTS.

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