Financial Policy

LifeSpring Fellowship of Ministries & Ministers (LFMM) is a New Testament, apostolic network of ministers, churches, ministries and Kingdom businesses who are in relationship for the purpose of facilitating the fulfillment of their destiny.

LFMM is supported by the tithes and offerings of our ministers and members which are tax deductible contributions, deposited in LFMM’s account and used solely for LFMM ministries including: ministry credentialing, covering and counsel to our ministers and churches, conferences, regional meetings, five-fold ministry resources, ministry placement network, New Testament church planting, international evangelism and missions outreach opportunities, and LF administration.

  • All ministers holding a General License or Ordination with LFMM are expected to tithe monthly to LFMM. They may however, with approval of the President of LFMM, split their tithe with the ministry under which they serve directly with 5% going to that ministry and 5% going to LFMM.
  • All ministers actively licensed or ordained by a denomination that requires their tithe, may join LFMM as full “Members” continuing to tithe to their denomination and also should sow a monthly offering into LFMM.
  • All LFMM “Locally Licensed Ministers” who are serving under their pastor in the local church should continue to tithe to their local church, and also sow a monthly offering into LFMM.
  • All LFMM Churches, Ministries, Para-Church Ministries, Schools of Ministry, and Kingdom businesses are encouraged to tithe into LFMM, but are expected to at least support LFMM with their best monthly offering.
  • All offerings for approved LFMM projects, church plants, missions trips etc., will be accounted for and distributed only for their designated purpose.
  • All tithes and offerings should be made payable to LIM (LifeSpring International Ministries—the parent organization of LFMM).
  • All LFMM Contributions are Tax Deductible and an annual contribution statement will be provided for personal and IRS purposes.

Thank you for your shared vision for LFMM and your faithfulness in sowing your tithes and offerings so that individually and corporately we can all fulfill our destiny!