The Concept

What is the concept of LFMM?

LFMM believes that dynamic Kingdom connections are vital for these days because everyone is a minister. Some are simply called to work within the church structure. Kingdom-conscious businesses need to be able to network with those in ministry and vice versa. The anointings upon different ministries and different ministers needs to be able to touch the marketplace, the pulpit, the pew, the business owner, the artist, the homemaker and everyone else.

Holy Spirit wants to connect us to people who add to our lives and not take away. Businessmen can teach church leaders how to have greater impact. Church leaders can teach business how to instill integrity and release the anointing to their employees and customers. Too long has the church hidden away in a corner and left the marketplace alone. Too long has the marketplace stayed isolated from the church and from ministries that could benefit them. LFMM wants to help bring Kingdom-conscious businessmen and business women into ongoing vital relationships.

We do that by providing access to logistical support, information, guidance, and prayer. With access to experts in their respective fields, LFMM wants to help you connect with men and women who are anointed to take you to the next level.

Inventions, creative concepts, ideas that need outlets of development and manufacture should be able to have the support of the body of Christ. LFMM will provide such support.

The arts cannot be left out, nor can education, government, or science and certainly not finance. We, as believers must take our place and invoke a Kingdom-consciousness into every sphere our lives touch. LFMM wants to help you do that!