Financial Policy Clarified

The financial policy of LFMM has been clarified for ordained and licensed ministers. The Board of LFMM understands that many ministers are serving as leaders in their local church and therefore want to be able to provide a degree of ongoing support. Therefore, a licensed or ordained minister may request from the president of LFMM that they be allowed to “split” their tithe between their local church and LFMM. The policy pertaining to Ordained or Licensed Ministers as delineated in the Financial Policies reads as follows:

“All ministers holding a General License or Ordination with LFMM are expected to tithe monthly to LFMM. They may however, with approval of the President of LFMM, split their tithe with the ministry under which they serve directly with 5% going to that ministry and 5% going to LFMM.”

We trust this clarifies this question for our Ordained and Licensed Ministers and we thank you for your love and support.

Haiti Connection

Dr. Ron Horner, President of LifeSpring International Ministries & LifeSpring Fellowship of Ministries & Ministers is pleased to announce a new partnership with New Life Haiti, a missions organization operated by Rev. Rick & Debbie Hutchinson.

New Life Haiti is operating under the mandate to cover Haiti with the Word of God. Having served in Haiti for several years, Rick & Debbie recently sought out LifeSpring to assist them in the credentialling of students who had completed the International School of Ministry (ISOM) program through their ministry. Graduates of the ISOM program have completed five trimesters of study in basic Biblical studies and ministry subjects. They have graduated over five hundred students from this program and chose to work with LFMM to provide licensing and ordination to their well qualified students. The Haiti ministers will be working under country specific guidelines for Haiti. We invite you to take a look at the special website for those ministers at To find out more about New Life Haiti, visit:

If you are aware of other ministries seeking similar credentialling opportunities, please contact Dr. Horner.